KFC Fried Rooster Recipe – It truly is Not the true Recipe But It is Excellent!

It really is summer time and it is picnic time, what exactly better to provide than fried hen. It would not be the key KFC Precios, but it really is darn great! I have created this a pair of instances along with the chicken turns out authentic delicious!


* 1.five Tablespoons Salt

* 2 tablespoons Louisiana Sizzling Sauce

* 1 chicken minimize in pieces (they have got this for the grocery store)

* three cups nonfat buttermilk

* 1.five cups flour

* 2 lbs . vegetable shortening (you’ll be able to use canola or vegetable oil)

* one tablespoons baking powder

* two teaspoons pepper

* one teaspoons cayenne pepper


Combine with each other the salt, Louisiana sizzling sauce and buttermilk, incorporate the chicken and make sure the chicken is coated while using the buttermilk combination. Protect tightly and refrigerate for 4 hrs.

Place the remainder of the dry components, including 3 teaspoons of salt, right into a paper sack and blend up the ingredients during the bag by shaking the bag.

In the significant skillet–cast iron is finest, heat the oil or shortening to 375 degrees. Be sure that you are working with enough oil to deal with each bit of rooster. Also, make certain the perimeters of the skillet are significant plenty of and so the oil won’t overflow once the rooster parts are within the oil cooking.

Just take each piece of hen from the buttermilk combination and separately fall inside the paper bag and shack to comprehensively coat the chicken, try this with half the pieces and set in warm oil. Prepare dinner each bit for ten minutes on each side. When performed drain on rack or paper towels and coat and prepare dinner the remaining items while in the very same method.

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